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SWALLOW sei CATALOGUE THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN SWALLOW TANDEMS W. thank you very much for your enquiry and have pleasure in presenting our complete tandem catalogue for your interest. We deal only in Tandems; Tandem Trikes, Triplets and Kiddyback Tandems are also catered for, Tandem Wheel Building and Hubs are a speciality. We can make tandem recumbents of all shapes and sizes. You are welcome to phone to discuss them. W. are situated at Llangedwyn Mill on the Shropshire Border. Antur Tanat Cain is a local charity, telecottage and resource centre that supports the Tanat Valley and surrounding area, who have converted this corn mill quite beautifully Llangedwyn Mill is also home to Mirage Glass who specialise is stain glass. They export to Disney World in America and have a wonderful shop here, so remember to bring some spending money with you for Birthday's or Christmas Presents! You can reach them on 01691 780618 to commission stain glass windows and of course they are waiting to take your orders for tandem oriented windows/glass products! Some of which you will see at the Tandemania Event and in our Show Room Hu to get to Swallow Tandems. Head for Oswestry. Get onto the A483 (Welshpool) and make a right tum onto the A465 at Llynclys. This road runs into the B4396 signposted for Llanyblodwell, Llangedwyn and Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant. Come through Llangedwyn, Llangedwyn Church is on the left and the next left will be signposted Llangedwyn Mill (Red Bricked School in front of you as you turn). Park your car on the right just outside the Craft Building. We are in the largest square building at the back, bottom units. Please feel free to phone us at any time regarding latest prices. availability ofbookings, parts and Tandems. You will be either talking to Pete or Lorraine. However. sometimes when we are brazing/spraying etc, we put the answer machine on, so we will get back to you as soon as possible. We take one day off a week (usually Wednesday). Our hours of opening are around 10am to 6pm. We are open weekends. You are most welcome to visit us in the workshop, however, we suggest that you give us a ring first In the spring of 1995, Swallows will be expanding to present a tandem and trailer show room. We will have on show the Burley USA. Trek USA, KHS, Cannondale and Orbit Tandem Range as well as Trailers. All will be available to browse over and if we have your size, you can buy it there and then! We will be endeavouring throughout 1995 that you only have to make one journey to Swallows or Tandemania and be able to see what is available in Britain today I; you feel that this catalogue is not what you wanted, then don't throw it in the bin! Save paper and give it to someone who you think might be interested, like a friend, your local cycling club or just pop it into your nearest cycle shop for their perusal! Spread the word of Tandeming. I f you are a current Tandem Club member, a discount is available to you on all Tandems built or supplied and products, not holidays. Quotation of membership numbers only will validate your discount. We strongly recommend that you join the Tandem Club. It is the one of the ways to stay up to date with the Tandeming scene. There is always something being organised and it's a good way to meet like minded tandemists. Look further on for the membership address, if you haven't had a membership leaflet with this catalogue. Rene we have introduced and supplied more than 800 couples to the fun of tandeming, be it to the Pub and back. day trips or a world tour. When setting out on the path to a tandem, try not to think in terms of a Solo machine, which you could be used to. Tandems are totally different machines - you may have to start all over again and re-educate your thinking Here at Swallow Tandems we probably have more experience in Tandems than any Cycle Shop in the Country ay . . Give us a ring and find out why!!! Sa 20 YEARS OF TANDEMS Swallows and Tandems Se Tandems was established in 1980 in a garden shed. The emphasis, which is still in practice today, was to build only to customers orders. In 1981 the company moved into larger premises in Laindon, Essex and for the next 10 years set about making the Swallow Framesets amongst the best in the World. May other major achievements were made within this period, with Swallows winning the Cyclex Award in 1989 for their tandem frame design and tandem components. The name Swallows also had the habit of popping up when it came to Componentry, Frame Design, Clothing/Fabrics etc. In the world of Tandems, if it could be improved or made, then Swallows had got there before anyone else! Even today Swallows have their fingers in most pies. The Hope Tandem Hub that is a world wide best seller was a joint collaboration. Pete told them what he wanted and with their skills produced a quality hub. With this step forward, it was then possible to look at Dual Disc Systems. 3 years ago, Swallow Tandems were the only company using Hope Tandem Hubs. Now Trek and Burley use them on their Tandems and Orbit as well as changing their frame designs now use the dual disc system. In 1991, Swallow Tandems relocated to Wales and became the first Specialist Tandem Centre in Great Britain. In 1994, we took the bull by the horns and decided to move once again to a workshop area that was quieter, flatter which let us expand into Tandem Hire and a Tandem Show Room. Swallow Tandems has come to rest in the Tanat Valley (& you have that down in writing!) Pete Bird Be Bird has a passion for Tandems, as those who have met him will be aware of! He started riding Tandems in 1974 and from then on has been on a mission to tell everyone about the fun world of Tandems. He has the most useful habit of knowing near on everything about Tandems. His memory bank is always up to date. Pete likes to get it right when it comes to Tandems of any kind, be it design, comfort, componentry etc. There are a few people in the industry who have muttered the word 'Guru' in his presence!! He has the enthusiasm and energy of about six 12 year old children mixed into one. He still works with major companies with Tandem design/componentry (as above). He helped redesign with Dawes their new tandem range in the late 80's. Pendle have had a hand with producing a new tandem carrier for any tandem. In fact since he started in 1980, and has always been on the phone to companies saying "Why don't you do it like this?" Some listen to him and others don't! Pete also makes sure he stays up to date and moves fast in what's new with componentry and all aspects of tandeming One thing for sure though, he's a 100% tandemaniac! That's why Pete Bird is one of the Leading Custom Tandem Framebuilders in the World. Lorraine Bird Lee joined Swallow's in 1991, and she too is on a tandeming mission! Getting Tandems into national magazines and newspapers for the first time was the initial step to catching the public's eye. She organises, with the input from Pete, Tandemania at Lake Vyrnwy as well as Swallow Challenge Events and Hotel Meets. She works along side Pete in the workshop, manages the administration & marketing, as well as doing a mean spray job! Her presence in the business, along side Pete, projects what tandeming is all about, the two of you together as a team. Her being there has a major effect on couples coming to see us. Lorraine spends a lot of time on the phone talking to the ladies who phone her to get some more information on the "Tandem Breaks‘. Do you realise that 80% of tandem breaks are booked by the lady of the team? She openly boasts about her handlebars being higher than her saddle(!!) and can take in her stride the song Daisy, Daisy, the joke about not peddling on the back and when people comment about how they did not realise that girlies could work with Tandems and half bikes. It takes more than 2 to tandem! OK! We own up. We are not bionic. Jennifer Davies I is quite a surprise to walk into Swallow Tandems and be surrounded by women! In fact Pete has been asked many times by Parcel Delivery Drivers, how it has happened that he has ended up working this way. Jen is the official shot blaster, apprentice, assistant, tea maker etc.. She is vital to making Swallows run smoothly and can still be feminine whilst sorting out seized headsets! Denise Williams W. are not responsible for our Logo's, Drawings, T Shirt Designs, Christmas Cards Etc.. These are all down to Denise, who happens to be a close friend and super arty person. If you want a logo for your group or want to make your own tandem t shirts, then she is the girl to see. Contact us for more information. Steve and Fiona Stuart In 1995 they will be starting the Swallow Tandem Association - for Swallow Owners and the friends of They will be writing newsletters along with organising tandem events with Lorraine. A full range of tandem merchandise will be available through them along with tandemania merchandise stocks. They have been cycling and Tandeming for years. Steve is the Tandem Club's Historian and they are Regional Officers for the Oxford Area. Contact us for more information No Car! Win the move to Llangedwyn Mill, it was possible for us to get rid of the car. The only reason we had one at Lake Vyrnwy was because we had to collect our gas bottles from Oswestry as no one would deliver to such an area. Lake Vyrnwy was quite remote and our house that we lived in was 2 miles from the nearest house and 5 from Lake Vyrnwy and Lake Vymwy is 8 miles from the nearest small town. W. have always tested out new componentry etc on our tandem before we used it. Our mileage is now a minimum of 10,000 miles per year. Our black Labrador Zara, has her own single wheel trailer which she travels in when we go shopping in Shrewsbury or Oswestry. She has been trained to get out of the trailer when we go up hill and get in when we go down hill. She really does enjoy herself and she has her own rear light on her harness. Being a very fit dog, she usually runs most of the way. Over the years through patient training we have got her to run on our left hand side. We have not once missed not having the car and it is only when the winter comes that the people around you realise that you are serious about not owing a car! We do get classed as eccentric but having Zara on the back does brighten up everyone's day. We are well known throughout Mid Wales and Shropshire, a small percentage of that is because we deal in Tandems the rest being that we have Zara and a Trailer on our Tandem. Just when they have got used to us, up we pop on our recumbent tandem trike! Riding everyday has some very good advantages, high metabolism. the ability to cat anything you want to, less colds, less sluggish. In fact you just feel better and of course you have a good excuse for treating yourself to new componentry and clothing. COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions which are not clear! Q. Why are Tandems slow up hill? À. It is more of a question of technique than speed, tuition helps couples overcome climbing problems. Closer ratios are also a key point. > © Po > O > © > © Why do rear wheels on Tandems have so many problems? There are too many equations to answer in one statement, but here are a few suggestions; + Axles may bend due to insufficient strength in roadends and chainstays or simply by removing the freewheel - Spoke breakage is often caused by 36 or sometimes 40 spokes being used when the total load exceeds 28 stone. Problems also occur when the combination between spoke and hub is poor. How do we transport the tandem around the country? Tandem carriers are supplied for the fitting to car roof racks. Fitting is very quick and enables you both to visit areas or take part in events that you would find difficult riding too. Can positions be swapped on a tandem? It is general that the tallest of the couple rides the front of the tandem, but within 112" difference you can swap positions. Be aware that reach and height of handlebars can cause problems for both male and female Is it very different from riding solo bicycles? The front rider will experience that the upper body strength requirement will be greater than a solo especially when climbing. The rear rider initial feelings are of lost control but with tuition and experience the joys of ‘stoking’ will come We have a family of three children aged 1, 3 and 5 how can we combine tandeming with family life? Tandems are ideal for family use, look at our family section for components and adaptations available. With the advent of quality trailers and child seats the 1 year old can be carried and alongside the 3 year old if a trailer is chosen. Kiddycranks would be ideal for the 5 year old, this would mean that the mum or dad would be riding solo. Alternatively mum and dad can ride the tandem with a U+2 trailer could be attached to the tandem with the 3 and 5 year old riding whilst the 1 year old is in a baby seat How much money should we spend on a tandem if we want to try tandeming out before investing in a custom tandem or should we look for a second-hand model? The answer depends more on the use than how long you want to use it. If you are planning a holiday with your tandem and your accommodation will be camping then spending £1000.00 on a model with only 40 hole wheels may cause problems even on the first trip. Alternatively ifyou are both fairly light and have only in mind day trips out to the countryside then spending £600.00 will probably suit your needs very well. Buying second-hand does have it's drawbacks if you intend to use it regularly or are planning to tour, but ideal if you are wanting a ‘stopgap’ tandem whilst you are still looking for the best tandem for your needs "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY’ SWALLOW TANDEM BREAK This is the best way of finding out if a Swallow Tandem is for you! B uying a Custom Tandem is easier than people make it out to be. A good framebuilder will sit you down, take you through what is up to date and ask to what you want to do with your tandem. They will guide you along the path to a tandem that will fit you like a glove with the componentry of your choice that suits your pocket. Custom Tandems are not as expensive as you think. A carefully picked custom tandem can be nearly a maintenance free buy. Componentry which is up to date will give you peace of mind, maintenance free tandeming and a smaller tool kit! Just remember, they are not out of reach and you do not have to be an experience rider to consider buying one! Go on, make them jealous, buy what you both want to! We advise you strongly to book up if you are considering the possibility of owning a Swallow Tandem. Book in advance! They are very popular in the week or at weekends all year round Over 90 couples 'Try A Swallow Tandem! every year! £30.00 Per Couple for 2 Days - Cost breakdown below (Refundable if you order a Swallow Tandem) + Accommodation B&B at Plas Yn Llan Guest House, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant £15.00 per night per person 3 Course Evening Meals £9.00 All dietary needs catered for Swallow Tandem Booking Confirmation & Directions sent prior to date of arrival *** Introduction into Tandeming *** The do's and don'ts tuition on safe tandem riding *** Use of our custom tandem's *** Further days available free of charge *** Sizing on purpose made jig *** All your questions, answered *** Your accommodation booked through Swallow Tandems*** ne breaks that Swallow Tandems have uniquely created are overwhelming in their popularity. You don't have to be fit or technical. You don't have to have the right gear or years of experience. Our most common worry is that couples think that you have to be totally cycling committed to consider a Tandem or a Tandem Break. Sorry, but it is not like that at all. We have instructed 100's of couples, all different in shape, size, career and where they live in this world. Our youngest guests were approx. 3 years old and our oldest guests were 85 years old. So bring the kids, the dog or even your cat! Just give us a little of your time to show you what fun tandeming is. -We would welcome you to come the evening before your Break. (Don't worry about the time!) Be refreshed for the next day and stay with us again for the next evening for an evening meal with us and essential tandem talking time. Phone now - for a couple of days away from it all! Experience has shown that most couples who have been on a Tandem Break seem quiet relieved that they now know where they are going and what is available for them. No Hype - Just Facts and Lots of Tandems! When you have booked your Tandem Break you need to read up a little! SWALLOW TANDEM BREAK INFORMATION BRIEF Y our tandem break starts at 10am at Llangedwyn Mill. We will sit you down in our office and have a chat for around about 1 1/2 hours about tandem's in general, componentry, riding and you. A time to ask as many questions as you want to. Then it will be onto the sizing jig to take your measurements and to talk about comfort, positioning and females being different! Sizing takes around 30 minutes, but it is only until you are comfortable that we take measurements and go on. Nex it is on to some Riding Instruction. If you have never ridden a tandem before, then you have the advantage! If you have, then there will be something that we will be able to teach you! Instruction, just outside the Mill, will take as long as you want. When you are both happy, we will send you on your way for the rest of the day Pisi Rhaeadr, The First Wonder of Wales, is our most regular destination. The minimum and easiest distance is a 16 miles round trip, however, we will all look at the map and customise it to what you would like to do. There are plenty of T Shops around. In fact Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant is very civilised with a Post Office, Newsagents, Pubs and Restaurants! Back at the Mill, it will be Question and Answer Time. If you are staying another night at the Guest House, we will join up with you again that evening, if you want to talk more about tandem's. (The Swallow Tandem - Tandem Talking Record is about 16 hours non stop - done with ease!) Make the most of Swallow Tandems and your Tandem Break, that's what you are coming up for. Some couples don't realise how much there is to talk about and get a surprise when they glance at their watches and see the time Next day, you can use our tandem's again, free of charge. After that it is time for you to go away and talk your Tandem Break over with each other. If you are not sure, then you are very welcome to come back again and go out for a ride (For absolute beginner's, please remember to bring clothes for all seasons. Gloves are needed. You may need to eat a little more due to a bit of nervous energy and exercising. If you are on a diet, then forget it for the duration of your tandem break.) Griel History Of Tandeminz Tandeming began in the 1800's with a machine that was both steered and controlled from behind the lady in front. This was forced upon by the periods attitude that it was rude to put a man's back to a lady! Attitude has of course changed but not for the reason you think. Most women will ride the rear due to size and not sex. This can be overcome in some cases if required, a useful asset to a couple wishing to swap between front & rear In the years up to & past the second world war, cycling was a very popular recreation & means of transport. The tandem was used for taking young ladies out and for family use accompanied by side car as and when the 'sprog' arrived. In the 60's cycling was certainly on it's way out as far as a fashionable pastime, consequently tandem's started to disappear into attics, old barns and sheds. Many cycle companies who had manufactured a lot of 'Tandem' parts, due to the lack of demand soon either closed down or simply stopped making these parts. Consequently, the Tandem Clubs (formed in 1971) main objective was to have made and supply parts for tandem's manufactured in the pre and post war years. It's involvement with the development of "Tandeming' was very important in the early years as it is now. Membership grew and grew, today it totals over 6000 members - possibly the UK's largest single interest cycle club The membership are active in regions of the country throughout the year, but the high point is the annual meet held for it's membership, called Tandem '9 '. This event began life in 1980 and was organised by Pete Bird (then Touring secretary of the Tandem Club) and attracted over 200 tandem's. The event was then a one day programme, but has now grown to a three day event with similar numbers. So, Tandeming has developed as a major pastime amongst couples who in there own statement would not regard themselves as ‘Super Fit Cyclist's' rather people who enjoy an activity that can offer so much or so little-the choice is yours! “The Principles Of, The Tandem The tandem is very unlike solo bicycles, even though it appears that it has only an extra saddle and handlebars. In the following listings we have laid out the primary differences to enable you both to understand fully THE TANDEM. li main area to understand is that the world-wide tandem market is not even 1%, so all tandem related parts are comparatively expensive. But, may we suggest that when absorbing the price of tandem's in general, that you divide the price by two as a true comparison to related prices. Wheels Ai tandem's built by us, use wheel rims constructed from aluminium. This is heat treated to gain more strength in the material. Aluminium is used because of it's higher braking performance compared to steel. They are also a ‘box section'- this term simply means that the rim if cut in two has a hollow section not a single strip, therefore able to withstand the rigorous use of a tandem. The drillings allocated for use are 48 and 40 hole, these are chosen depending on use. The spokes used in our wheels are made specifically for us and are stainless steel - single butted. The butted term is the part ofthe spoke that is actually next to the hub and is 13 gauge in thickness, (0.5mm larger than a solo spoke) this is to assist the wheels to a long and trouble free service. The life ofspokes used is around 10,000 miles. this is around five years reasonable use When the wheels are re-spoked make sure the rims are swapped between front and rear because the front rim will incur more brake wear than the rear, (more information on this under Brakes) therefore when 20,000 miles are completed replace both rims and spokes. AE RES Preventative maintenance will save a lot of heart ache if on tour! Tandem hubs are of varying quality, although we will only use hubs that we have tested and are happy with their performance. They are available as cassette models only. This also dictates which gear system is used as all of our tandem's use an index system for convenience. Axles and bearings are replaceable if needed on all hubs used, so hubs are a major investment for continued care free riding. Charification of hubs will be gone through on your Tandem break. Ali of our tandem are either 21 or 24 speed, and as stated before are indexed for convenience. Controls can be placed on the lateral or top tube ifa Braze on, Bar End, Thumb Shifters or the very latest Ergo Control can all be supplied to suit your style "Tandems in general can be geared higher and lower than solos, due to there weight, length and combination of two peoples power. Climbing is achieved at a slower pace than solos and is advised that a gear should be chosen that will not burst the blood vessels, and a steady pace is obtained. On the whole a tandem is faster than solos and if ridden correctly can be a lot easier An important note to make is that when operating the gear on the rear wheel, load is able to be put through the pedals without ill affect on the shifting. But the front gear can only operate if ALL load is taken of the pedals as the gear is shifted, so again communication is important G adence is a cycling term that refers to your pedal revolutions. When solo nding a RPM of around 70-75 is an accepted speed. On a tandem one (or two!) is better off turning at around 80 - 85 RPM. This application is only relevant when you are not climbing or descending. So it is important to understand that you change gear to keep your cadence at a regular speed, this keeps the tandem riding smoothly as well as your bodies Brakes | andems require three brakes as a standard if used for loaded touring or living in a hilly terrain. The normal set up is two cantilever brakes - operated front and rear by independent brake levers from the steersman and the third (Drag brake) operated by the stoker, usually an air cooled hub brake or disc brake Tre front brake is the most operated brake out of all three. The tandem as a machine, compared to a solo cannot cartwheel if the front brake is applied sharply. Therefore all of the weight of the machine is pushed into the brake causing the brake shoes to adhere better to the rim and bring you to a rapid halt if required. Combine this with your rear cantilever, which cannot lock up and cause a skid you have a very powerful braking system conversely to a solo bicycle. The ‘Drag Brake’ operated by a friction lever allows the tandem to be controlled at a desired speed without over using the cantilevers. This not only helps prevents the steersman from hand cramp on long descents but also allows the rims to keep cool against overheating, fairly common in hotter temperatures. One other aspect is that you are acting as a team on the tandem and communication is very important to allow the tandem to descend smoothly and safely Tandeming "Together Tandems by their nature are only able to be enjoyed if both partners are riding together. This can take years of practice or with a little guidance from us, within a short ride you will be near perfectionist's! P ower output on a tandem is (unlike so many comments) a team effort. To get the most out ofthe tandem in both distance and speed both riders must leam how to equal their output. Ba you will notice that on our tandem's, the stokers chainset is set usually two links ahead of the steersman. As the female will generally (this is not meant as a sexist remark) have a lower - leg power output, by placing the chainset forward it helps prevent the front rider from pulling the stoker over the ‘dead centre (when the chainset is at 6 o'clock) of the pedal revolution. We mentioned earlier how important cadence is, well the tandem on a flat or slightly undulating - like all bicycles require a minimum power output to keep their momentum going. The gears are there, for you to keep this all happening. The faster you want to go the harder you push the pedals and a higher gear must be allocated to keep the cadence at the 80 - 85 RPM. It must be remembered that speed is not that important compared to the pace your bodies are happy to ride at. Increased speed will come naturally (as you get fitter) as more time is spent on the tandem. There are simple exercises you can both do to further your understanding of equalling power The stoker completely stops pedalling but continues to let their feet go round with the steersman's (with the steersman in full knowledge that this is happening!) Now let the steersman know that you are slowly bringing in power and to let the stoker know when he/she feels that they are putting little effort through the pedals This helps the steersman to evaluate the amount of pressure to put through the pedals to equal his partner. Once this sequence has been completed reverse the roles. This exercise is worthwhile continuing if and when ownership of a tandem happens. Ai the Tandem Break you will be shown how to start and stop safely, it is important to remember the following procedure before arriving. Stnting And Stopping On À ‘Tandem l ) The steersman astrides the tandem, holds onto the brakes to prevent the tandem from rocking backwards and forwards and keeps his feet wide enough apart to clear his pedals. Do not sit on the saddle and keep the tandem upright at ALL TIMES. 2) The stoker stands on the kerbside, holds onto the handlebars and places one foot onto the pedal then astrides the tandem in a similar way to astriding a horse. Place your other foot onto the other pedal. The stoker stays in this position at ALL times unless you both decide to stop and get off. 3) The stoker then turns the pedals backwards so that the pedals are parallel with the ground and the steersman's choice of pedal for starting off on is the one furthest forward 4) The steersman will place his foot on the pedal that is forward and after say a count ofthree both riders will put pressure on the pedals, and the steersman will rise onto the saddle as the pressure is applied on to the pedal. 5) When the both of you wish to stop, the stoker stays on the machine in 'riding style’ until the steersman has both feet on the ground! 6) The signalling for direction must be done by the stoker as for the looking behind to see if all is clear. The steersman's job is to look forward at all times - from a safety point of view this is obvious. After reading this brief fully may we suggest that any areas you do not fully understand, you highlight so that at the Tandem Break we may help you by going over it with you. CONSULTANCY APPOINTMENTS FOR PRODUCTION TANDEMS iP roduction Tandems are getting better. That's why Swallows have decided to take on the up to date and best value for money tandem's production tandem's. Kus Cannondale, Trek, Burley and Orbit have all improved their machines and all have something special to offer. They have all been in contact with Swallows and the result is a dynamic show room as well as Trek and Burley using Hope Tandem Hubs, Orbit changing the design of their frames and using Hope landem Hubs with Hope Dual Disc Braking Systems. In 1995/1996 these companies will be shaking up the British Market with their up to date dream machines which at the end of the day is great Jor you, you being the consumer. Not everyone has £2,000 - £3,000 to spend on a tandem. Some of you can choose to upgrade over the years and others know they will be able to afford it in a couple of years but want to ride now! F rom April 1995, we will have at Llangedwyn Mill a Tandem and Trailer Showroom for Production Tandems starting at around £600.00. We will endeavour to match you up with a tandem that suits your pocket and sizes. We will also be able to help you with thinking about the future. You will get the pros and cons and of course some instruction and maintenance hints I will be a bit different from buying a production tandem from a cycle shop, because you will be able to call us or drop by any time if you have any problems or want to know where to go next. You will be put onto our data base so will be able to receive up to date catalogues and information on tandem's. You will also get priority information about all our events. We can see you either at weekends or during the week at your convenience. These consultancy are free and we will willingly arrange accommodation for you if you feel that you would like to stay over in the Tanat Valley ACCOMMODATION Sheila and Charlie Plas Yn Llan, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant Oswestry, Shropshire, SY 10 OJN 01691 780236 We are living proof that you will have a huge welcome and delicious meals with Sheila and Charlie. The Plas Yn Llan is a former 18th Century Coaching Inn and is situated in the centre of Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant and the beautiful Tanat Valley. Pre are four letting rooms, a large oak beamed dinning room and living rooms with an extensive library. Meals are based around traditional Taste of Wales' recipes. There is plenty of private parking and storage for Cycles and Tandems. Llanrhaeadr has 2 Grocery Stores, Post Office, 3 Pubs and a Newsagents. Ai our couples will be booked into the Plas Yn Llan. However on busy periods we have a reserve B&B next to our Workshops in Llangedwyn or you may want to camp at Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall, The First Wonder of Wales. Phone Tanypistyll Tea Rooms 0691 780392. W hatever happens, we hope that you will retum time and time again to Sheila and Charlie and Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant. You won't be disappointed! | TANDEM HIRE | Not really looking to buy at the moment? Need more time to think about the aspect of tandeming? Hire a Tandem For a Holiday Tandem Self Lead Tours are available by hiring one of our Tandems or by bringing your own Tandem, using B&B/Guest House Accommodation for unlimited days. These tours will be available from two to seven days and longer if required. The routes can be made up to any mileage length over a terrain of your choice. We will book all Bed & Breakfasts along the routes every day, prices for the accommodation and routes will be supplied on request O; if you like you can hire the Tandem and go it alone. The choice is yours! For a Day or Two Just want to have a go on a tandem? Or perhaps have a different kind of approach to getting some fresh air at the weekend? Ltangedwyn Mill and its surrounding area will suit the novice tandem rider through to the most experienced. Either ride into flat and pretty Shropshire or head in the other direction for some hills and lakes of Wales. There will be a Tandem Roof Rack available for hire if you will be thinking of travelling around with the tandem elsewhere Tandems are not allowed to be hired for any mass charity rides. There are no discounts allowed on any of these prices. You will need to bring with you your Passport for us to retain. Driving Licence or Proof of Invoice (Council Tax etc) will also be required. Please feel free to call Swallow Tandems for more information about Tandem Hire TANDEM FRAME BUILDING COURSE/HOLIDA Y A\imed for individuals or both partners who are looking for a replacement frame set, or want the pleasure of buying a frame in a different way! Holidays held throughout the year. Have the experience of building your own frame set (Front Forks and spraying are carried out by Swallow Tandems) Includes Sizing * All braze on's * Finishing/Spraying to choice of colour Price £760 including frame set. (With or without partner) + 6 Days Accommodation Pias Yn Llan Guest House - Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant B&B £15.00 - 3 Course Dinner £9.00 - Packed Lunch £5.00 Per Person - Per Night - Paid direct to the Plas Yn Llan Frameset design is a direct lateral. Tubing used is Columbus Seat tubes are also Columbus and take a 27mm seat pin Front and rear forks are built depending on wheel. Size either 700c or 26" Bottom Bracket shells are Everest Investment Cast Tandem and includes the front eccentric Dropouts are vertical with double eyes Construction is semi lugless and experience in any field of engineering or welding is not an advantage We stress that this holiday is designed for participants to enjoy the fun of framebuilding and not as an introduction to starting your own framebuilding business. COMPLETE TANDEM FRAME BUILDING, ASSEMBLY, MAINTENANCE AND WHEEL BUILDING COURSE/HOLIDAY As before but you stay for eight/nine nights full board accommodation The holiday includes the framebuilding, the building of wheels, assembly of chosen or original parts (ordering of these must be done at least one month prior) the understanding of maintenance of your new tandem and then test riding. So in total you can build and assemble your very own tandem and ride away on it in under nine days! Front forks and the spraying of the tandem are taken on by Swallow Tandems This obviously does not include your choice of componentry of which quotations can be given on your choice of tandem equipment. Asa guide 35% of any of the Swallow Tandem Specifications, will be the price to add to your frame as a guideline to componentry costs Price £860.00 (with or without partner) + Componentry + Accommodation SOLO FRAME BUILDING COURSE/HOLIDAY When you've decided that a solo frame building course if for you, then start with the following steps Think about the style of solo you want. Choose your tubing. It is completely up to you. If you want some advice then do not hesitate to pick up the phone and have a chat with Pete Solo frame building courses usually last 3 days, so calculate your accommodation cost (see tandem frame building page). Put everything down on paper and send it to Pete. You are most welcome to arrange a meeting with Swallow's if you prefer it to postal communication We will quote you and give you dates at the end of our building schedule. All Frame Building Courses are only booked in after the Swallow Custom Building Delivery Schedule YOUR OWN DESIGN FRAME BUILDING COURSE/HOLIDAY STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY TAKEN FOR OWN DESIGNS Take the same procedures as before For your own design frame building courses (which include Recumbents and Tricycles), meetings can be arranged to discuss initial drawings. Swallow Tandem's framebuilding experience and advice is at hand at all times! Do not be frightened to come and see us. All Frame Building Courses are only booked in after the Swallow Custom Building Delivery Schedule ONE DAY WINTER TANDEM MAINTENANCE BREAKS “TANDEM TINKERING CONFIDENCE” Breaks held only from November through to March on a one day basis Designed for either individuals or both partners to understand and to build confidence in tandem mechanics Ideal for tandemists touring abroad *** We guarantee you peace of mind on all your tandem trips *** Wheel Trouble Shooting covered *** Cables and Casing Included (GoreTex Ride On Cables Extra) Course fee £50.00 With or Without Partner Bas available at £15.00 per person per night *** 3 Course Evening meals £9.00 per person *** Packed Lunches are also available £5.00 We also have a price for a Swallow Tandem Tool Kit. We are available anytime to discuss the best tools to purchase. Definitely one to consider - even for the casual tandemist Se & 'HANDS ON' TANDEM REFURBISHMENT SHORT BREAK Again, designed for both partners with their own tandem. A chance to overhaul your machine without having to leave it at the renovators for months on end. We have had experience in overhauling many different makes of tandem's. Don't be shy. Day One: Arrive at the Swallow Workshop in good time to strip your tandem. Commence shotblasting frame and cleaning componentry. Day Two: Continue frame blasting and working on frame day (any additional braze on's etc.) Continue to clean up your componentry and we will spray your frame. Pre-assemble your componentry Day Three: Assembly and maintenance day Price £180.00 With or Without Partner This price does not include braze on's, any new componentry or Accommodation (booked through Swallow Tandems) & a? Se MAINTENANCE - RESTORATION - PROBLEMS - CONVERSIONS - UPGRADES - RESPRAYS Ie you have maintenance problems with your tandem, then bring it to Swallow Tandems. You don't lose your tandem for a major length of time. You can see the work being done in front of you. In fact customers coming up for a day out at Llangedwyn Mill plus having their tandem ) serviced/troubleshooted has become very successful and time efficient for the customer. We can order / ) any componentry prior to your arrival. Ir you own an old tandem and are interested in having it restored then we are able to help We have restored Claud Butlers (Standard and Ultra short), Macleans, James, B.S.A., Sun, Jack Taylor, Raleigh, Paris the list is nearly endless! Restoration can sometimes include transfers of the era and part renovation or upgrade of parts Whatever the state the tandem is in we will be able to quote you. A warning though, the cost of restoration can be in excess of a modern 'Off The Shelf Tandem' but whatever, we will give you all the options available - do not be put off! S wallow can also offer Frame Re-sprays. From £80.00 fora Tandem. From £40.00 Solo. Frame collection can be organised and our colour or flip flop charts can be requested at your convenience. We welcome Tandems for Servicing, Refurbishment's, Disc Brake Conversions. Talk to us anytime for specialist Componentry, Parts and for Peace of Mind Tandeming. TRAVELLING WITH YOUR TANDEM BY AIR It's no where as impossible as you think! BEFORE DEPARTURE | ) When booking your flight DO NOT mention that you intend to take with you a TANDEM, but find out minimum dimensions allowed 2) Ask the travel agent to give you the telephone number of the baggage handlers & airline representative so that you can contact them nearer the time ofthe flight about your CYCLE you wish to take with you. Do not get concerned ifthey are wondering why only one of you is taking a bike, this is of interest only to the baggage handlers. = 3) Twelve hours before your flight contact the baggage handlers and ask to speak to the person responsible for your flight number and ask for the time convenient to them that you need to arrive at the check in desk with your CYCLE. This helps them to help you! 4) Repeat point 3 by contacting your airline representative. This assures everyone knows you are coming! à ) Make sure you insure your tandem for flight travel as this is generally not covered by airlines & in some cases they will request you sign a disclaimer TANDEM PREPARATION (Practise BEFORE you go!) This can be done prior to getting to the airport if you are not riding. 6) Purchase pipe lagging from a plumbers outlet similar to B & Q. Make sure you purchase the correct internal diameter (or as near as possible) for your tandem's outside tube diameter. We would suggest you only require protection for the main frame. Cut & name each length e.g. top/front. Secure onto frame with insulation tape AFTER removal of parts. 7) Remove: Chainsets with pedals still attached (Middleburn self extracting bolts are available from us. They allow the chainsets to be removed & refitted using a 6mm allen key Both chains & rear gear. Saddles if not Brooks (this is because handlers can pick up the tandem by the saddle & pull it away from it's frame). Mudguards (Do not take at all). Stoker stem (to help, unclasp thumbshifter from handlebars & strap to frame with insulation tape or if you have a bar end lever unclasp cable at drag brake end) Pump, bottles & computer. Make sure you look after the outer casing. It is also worthwhile lead soldering the ends of your cables to prevent fraying. 8) Turn front handlebars so they are ‘in line’ with the tandem frame. Move front gear to bottom position. Deflate tyre pressures so that you can push you thumb into the tyre but not to touch the rim Place all parts removed into a lightweight nylon bag. 9) Make label from a piece of plastic cut approximately 15cm x 10cm (from an old 5 litre container) Place the label on your tandem, secured by a toe strap. Write the flight number, destination and name & address on the label with an indelible pen. Have a return label packed to save confusion! AT THE DEPARTURE AIRPORT ] 0) Arrive an hour (minimum) before the time told to you by the baggage/airline representative ] ] ) Remove parts described in tandem preparation if not already done. ] 2) Check in your panniers as HAND luggage (this allows the tandem to go through as your luggage allowance & therefore not to incur extra costs). Be aware of airport security, tool kits & pumps CAN cause problems! AT THE DESTINATION AIRPORT ] 3) Wait patiently for the arrival of your tandem from somewhere other than the conveyer belt. Take immediately out of the airport building to reassemble. DO NOT try to do your reassembling inside the airport buildings. Foreign countries can be very unpleasant to you if seen in the airport. Whilst waiting it is worthwhile checking details for your flight home, telephone numbers, contact names etc ] 4) Place all pipe lagging into your lightweight nylon bag that carried your parts & leave at airport in left luggage (check costs!) or with accommodation that is near the airport if they do not mind or quite simply find a bush that you can 'hide' it in so that you can collect it on the way back This tandem air travel leaflet has been put together by experience of over 12 overseas tours with up to twelve tandem's flying out. We hope the information will help you enjoy your trip & if you have any comments you can pass back to us after your experiences, please do not hesitate to let us know. Oe SWALLOW TANDEMS' NOTES AND GUIDELINES FOR RIDING IN OR LEADING A GROUP Introduction The main reason for Tandeming in a group is that men and women are social animals and we like doing things together. However, Tandemists do tend to spend a lot oftime going out and about by themselves. T andeming ina group is fun! It is a time to talk, laugh and banter. It is pleasant company at cosy Tea Shops and delightful debates arise comparing and reassessing the days' route. At the evening meal stage of the day, the more wine that flows with the good food, the louder the resume! E, eryone is different. This means Riding Styles, Hill Climbing, Descending, Flat Road Speed, Fitness and Map Reading Abilities. If none of the group (let's say 8 tandem's) have little knowledge of group riding or prefer to ignore the simple rules, disaster will strike and it will do so very quickly. Let's start by sorting you all out!! If you are nervous about group riding and you know that it is not 'you', then please feel free to do your own thing. Do not feel guilty. It is better to have a good day's riding than be forced to complete something that you really do not want to do Same goes for if you are a Speed Demon! If group riding is too slow for your 70 - 80 mile route and you find it frustrating waiting for people, then please do your own thing Group Riders Take Note Assess Everyone In The Group After the first hill it will be obvious who the faster tandem's are and who is taking up the back. Observe! This could probably be the overall positioning for the group. Get a rough idea in your own head of what you think everyone can do. I raffic - Directions - Map Reading It is essential that you tell those behind you about oncoming vehicles (especially on narrow roads and lanes) and vice versa. It is also wise to break into single file as quickly as possible. P rompt hand signals are welcomed by those behind and for those stoker's who are map reading, it is a bonus if they shout out their directions for a smooth running group. T he organisers will be map reading and welcome you to follow the route with your maps. You may be encouraged to debate the route if you feel that you have a better 'slight' variation. Road Surface It is very polite to physically point out and shout about pot holes or bad road surface. The same goes for large puddles, narrow bridges, debris and flooded roads. Warning of dogs is most welcome. Take care with horses and let your group know you are approaching one. Let the rider know how many more tandem's are to come. Waiting If you have ever been at the back of a group, then you will know what it is like to come to a junction to find no one there. You will also know what it is like to finally turn up at the Tea/Lunch Stop (once you have found it) to find everyone else munching and smiling away. It is not a very nice feeling and you wonder if you are part of a group. If you come to a junction and the group is spread out. Regroup! If there are new members in your group, you all keep an eye on them. Those in front should take the back now and again. At the top ofhills. Regroup! At the end of long straight stretches. Regroup! Just before coming to the Tea/Lunch Stop. Regroup! Ne started out as a group. Is it not wise and correct to finish as a group? It is rude and selfish to think that those behind you will be fine. One appalling case was when 2 groups met at the Tea Stop and one member asked one of the other group how the new comers (lets call them) Frank and Gill was. The reply was 'Who are Frank and Gill” The most terrible thing about it was the fact that he did not even realise what he had said to everyone's horror, even more hornble, he did not really care! As it happens, it came about that most of the group had to improvise the route for most of the way! Riding the Front - Riding The Back Speaks for itself. Have a go at both! Communication & Looking After Your Fellow Tandem Riders If you notice a couple flagging, then suggest a small break/stop. It only has to be for a couple of minutes for a drink of water etc Ir someone has a flat tyre or mechanical problems, then stay with them. What would happen if they could not mend it? Tfyou want to break free from the group and do your own thing (more of fewer miles). Speak up. No one will think any less of you. Carry high carbohydrate snacks and plenty of water with you, not just for yourself, but with others in mind Show riders your intended route. Motivate them and show them where all the stops are Never skip stops. Just because you do not feel like a drink doesn't mean that everyone else is on your level of thinking. Keep an eye on what people eat at stops. Encourage new tandem nders to either eat something or put some food in their pockets. Things happen. The weather changes quickly and you never know. It is better to have too much food and clothing than not enough Does it seem a bit strict and harsh? Group Riding (Remembering Frank and Gill above) can make or break a tandem couple. We all enjoy tandeming; so let's make it pleasant for everyone else. Remember also to be the first to say hello! to Mountain Bikers and Cyclists, Horse Riders, Pedestrians and Ramblers. FAMILY SECTION Successfully Getting Your Tribe On The Road Investing In Many Years To Come Having a family certainly does not mean the end of cycling or tandeming as we know it! The following adaptations and components can help you continue cycling with your family. Combinations of the following are common, but advice from us may help you purchase the right products to last you through all your children.......Please ask! See our Tandem mail order parts and trailers price list for further information and prices. K iddy Cranks - An aluminium CNC machined body with a sealed bottom bracket that can slide from side to side to perfect chain alignment. It is fitted to the rear seat tube of the tandem (some tandem frame designs may have fitting problems) and a chain connects the front x-over chainset to the kiddycrank unit. It is usual to supply a replacement stoker stem and North road handlebars for a safe reach. For children aged 3 to 6 Crank reducers - An aluminium CNC machined component designed to bolt onto the existing rear cranks by securing a stainless M10 bolt. It then enable the pedals to be fitted in two positions, one half the length and the other two thirds. Therefore reducing the overall length between pedal and saddle. For children aged 6 to 12 Child seats - Many models available on the market, a comprehensive list is available from the Cyclist Touring Club. Be aware if buying a fitting to pannier carriers. Keep in mind ease of removal, foot supports and weight limits Kiday Back Tandems - Only built to order and can be expensive if it will be used for a short term. Although if only a two child family, two kiddyback tandem's designed correctly (with use of crank reducers) can be a sound and long term investment with a second-hand market readily available. Triplets - Similar to the kiddy back tandem. Trailers: Child Trailers - Designed for the carrying of children at the rear by means of various attachments (Some drag brakes may cause problems) Usually supplied with flag, internal pockets and waterproof cover. For Children aged from birth to 4 Chia R iding - Available in many combinations. All bolted to the rear of the tandem and supplied with a single or multiple gears. Some trailers can fit two children riding THEY TOLD US THEY THOUGHT, THAT WITH TANDEMING, YOU WERE GOING TO HURT AND ACHE! Swallow Tandems work very hard to get both partners comfortable on a Tandem, and looking around the cycling world it seems we are the only ones who seem to be taking it seriously. We have seen so many people in agony either with riding a tandem, bicycle or tricycle. We have seen handlebars and stems in the strangest of places and saddles that look peculiar too, let alone disillusioned stokers. If you feel that you are buying a tandem from someone who is only interested in your money rather than you (especially female stokers) the give your well earned money to someone who is not only interested in shifting stock. Uncomfortable = Miserable = Giving up the tandem So. If you are worried about your position or in just plain agony, then come along to Swallow's and we will reposition you free of charge. If out of interest you would like a sizing session, then we will do that free of charge as well. The only thing that is supposed to hurt (possibly!) is your bum! We are interested in happy tandemists! A ‘ ae Dia you know that when you and your man are out and about on your Tandem, it is probably the only time that you have him all to yourself, his undivided attention (Well, he can't go very far can he?) This is your quality time. So get on, go out and enjoy." Ets the Lady who, 90% of the time, decides on the Tandem!" WEDDING AND RETIREMENT TANDEMS A GREAT IDEA AND PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST PRESENTS YOU COULD EVER WISH " 1 ! BEES i È Can you supply a tandem for a wedding or retirement gift?" is a request that is not unusual and is a great way for families, friends and colleagues to contribute to something that you will get pleasure from for the rest of your life. To help couples to organise this gift we suggest the following, State in your wedding or retirement letter / gift list that you would like to have a tandem supplied by Swallow Tandems and that we will accept cheques or credit cards for any amount they wish to give as a contribution to your tandem. We in turn will inform you of the contributors names and amounts at a set date agreed by both of us. If the amount is short then the balance can be made by yourselves or if (as it has happened) there has been too much money supplied you can either have a cheque for the difference or order extra items that you may need. TANDEM TERMINOLOGY AND GLOSSARY Tubing - Various tubing is used in tandem frames. Oversize tubing is suitable for tandem's as it assists lateral rigidity. Continuous tubing - Supplied on Swallow and Burley Tandems. The top and lateral tubes are built into the frame as a continuous length. This allows the frame to withstand the flexing at the front seat tube joints and allows the top tube to be longer than 25" and accommodate stokers in a comfortable position. Aluminium - Used by some builders and has advantages of non corrosion, stiffness and lightweight Titanium - A material used on some American tandem's at present, extremely light and rigid Spokes for Tandems - Should be stainless steel and a gauge of 13 /14 Stoker - Is the Rear Rider. Steersman or Captain - Is the Front Rider Softride (Allsop) - A unique design that offers the rider a flexible seat as it is pivoted and shock absorbing. Available on Burley tandem's Dual Cable Clamp - Used by Swallow Tandems for their dual disc brake tandem's so that the stoker can operate the rear disc as well as the front rider, usually by a thumbshifter. Ahead Set - A headset designed by Dia Compe to eliminate the use of headset spanners for adjustment GoreTex Cables - A maintenance free cable system that is completely sealed and the cables are coated in P.T.F.E. for up to 75% smoother operation compared to conventional cables Cantilever - A brake that operates on a large pivot and is regarded as being more powerful than callipers Dise - A brake that operates on the hub not the rim. A very powerful brake and used primarily as a drag brake Hydrautic - Hydraulics have entered the brake market in a variety of forms and are extremely powerful. Maintenance is low although pad wear is increased. C eramic Coating - A process for rims and discs. It enables the heat build up to reverse back into the brake shoes enabling the braking to improve. Pad wear increases. Ergopower - A gear/brake control for drop handlebars that enables the rider to change gear without removing hands of the handlebars Stoker Stem - This holds the stokers handlebars. Can be custom made to measure or custom adjustable. Most production tandem's are now made with adjustable stems. Very important to get the right fit if you are a lady! Most women find they need their handlebars higher than their saddle height. Don't lower the saddle, instead do something about the height. Ask yourself - Are these handlebars too far away? Or to low? Your crotch and wrists will love you for it if you treat yourself to a new stem. Phone if you are not sure. Tandem Carrier - A carrier to support a tandem in transit. A Drag Brake - Commonly known as a panic brake! Disc or Hub operated, it is better used by the stoker by means of a thumbshifter. Most tandem's need a third brake, especially for long descents and loaded riding. Your rims will love you for it. Many stokers think it is the best thing since sliced bread. Dual Disc - Two disc brakes are the complete braking system Stoker Rests - Originally designed by Swallow Tandems in 1984. Now made in Japan and are great for Stokers to simulate a normal riding position unlike others who quote ‘for stokers to rest hands on’. On drop handle bars, stokers who have stoker rests can enjoy 3/4 different positions to place their hands. As well as easing the wrist and crotch area, you will find your relaxing, climbing, cruising and bionic positions. Cassettes - Are the gear sprockets on your rear wheel and have taken over from freewheels. Freewheel - Originally fitted to hubs and now increasingly difficult to get Micro Drive - Chainsets supplied with a lowest ring of 20 teeth and a top ring of 44 teeth. Micro drive gives you the luxury of smoother gear changes. A confused system lead by the industry (especially when tandem's are involved). You are welcome to phone us if you need more information. It is a good all rounder for those tandem's which tour or are loaded most of the time. Standard Drive - Chainsets supplied with a lowest ring of 24 teeth and a top ring of 54 teeth Perhaps better for training, unloaded riding or if you live in a very flat area. Great if you live in the flatter parts of America. It would not be a lie if we were to tell you (straight from the horses mouth) that most companies use 54 chainrings on tandem's because of it's macho or butch image. What do you think? Tell us your experiences. Timing - Indicates the cranks and there connection between one another. Most rear riders have a lower output and so having the rear crank 2 teeth ahead of the front will mean that the rear crank will have gone over dead centre (12 o'clock) before the front. The steersman will not have extra to push over harder because the stoker will have already been there and be on the down stroke. Basically it helps the steersman. Having your timing and x over drive (see below) right will improve both riders output and compatibility. Nicking Together - Is something that needs practice. It means getting outputs equal and just flowing with the tandem.. Hill climbs become easy and most couples who find it fu to start to climb out of the saddle. You should take a little time to readjust your compatibility when loading up your tandem or attaching a trailer, basically when you change something about your tandem. H, yperglide - A term used by Shimano to allow gear shifting to be smoother 4 8 Hole Rims - Dictates the amount of spokes used. Must be used if overall weight exceeds 28 stone Spoke Holders - Fitted to Swallow Tandems on the chainstay. Evecentic - Great name! Situated at the steersman's bottom bracket and allows the cross over chain to be tensioned correctly (1/4 - 1/2 inch up and down movement) Drive Chain - Name given for the transmission. Boom Tube or Drain Pipe - The tube that joins the front and rear Bottom Bracket Shells together Cross Over Chain - Name given to the chain connecting the two chainsets together. Clipless Pedals - Is a strange term, but means a pedal that allows shoes to locate securely to the pedal and with a side ways movement will release. Great if you have never used toe clips and a learn curve if you have! Allows the use of neoprene over shoes for cold wet weather and the shoes have internal cleat's to allow you to walk around safely Lose Riding - Means camping tours, heavy loads (shopping trips) or teams that exceed 28 stone. Careful consideration should be given when choosing a tandem if you fall into any ofthe categories above, or as you start to get more confident on your tandem, then perhaps an upgrade would be advisable to help you reach your goals THE MACHO WORLD OF GEAR RATIOS AND THE SWALLOW TANDEM GEARING CHART FOR YOUR GUIDANCE What all couples want (especially stokers) is a comfortable ride, using all gearing available (le. all 24 ratios). Hills become easy and the flats speedy. Smooth gear changes play a major part in making tandeming a breeze. Are common chainrings too high? (If you live in Lincolnshire - No!) Is Britain (this is not America) so flat that we are able to use 48 tooth chain rings and upwards to their full potential? If you are male, very fit, ride with a male partner and race regular, then don't look on. 26" WHEEL SIZE MICRO DRIVE CHAINRING SPROCKET 42 12 42 14 42 16 42 18 42 20 42 22 42 24 42 26 32 12 32 14 32 16 32 18 32 20 32 22 32 24 32 26 20 12 20 14 20 16 20 18 20 20 20 22 20 24 20 26 700C" WHEEL SIZE MICRO DRIVE CHAINRING SPROCKET 42 12 42 14 42 16 42 18 42 20 42 22 42 24 42 26 32 12 32 14 32 16 32 18 32 20 32 22 32 24 32 26 20 12 20 14 20 16 20 18 20 20 20 22 20 24 20 26 INCH 91.00 78.00 68.25 60.67 54.60 49.64 45.50 42.00 69.33 59.43 52.00 46.22 41.60 37.82 34.67 32.00 43.33 37.14 32.50 28.89 26.00 23.64 21.67 20.00 INCH 94.50 81.00 70.88 63.00 56.70 SESS 47.25 43.62 72.00 61.71 54.00 48.00 43.20 39.27 36.00 33.23 45.00 38.57 33.75 30.00 27.00 24.55 22.50 20.77 26" WHEEL SIZE STANDARD DRIVE CHAINRING 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 700C WHEEL SIZE STANDARD DRIVE CHAINRING 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 SPROCKET 12 13 14 16 18 21 24 28 12 13 14 16 18 21 24 28 12 13 14 16 18 21 24 28 SPROCKET 12 13 14 16 18 21 24 28 12 13 14 16 18 21 24 28 12 13 14 16 18 21 24 28 INCH 104.00 96.00 89.14 78.00 69.33 59.43 52.00 44.57 82.33 76.00 70.57 61.75 54.89 47.05 41.17 35.29 60.67 56.00 52.00 45.50 40.44 34.67 30.33 26.00 INCH 108.00 99.69 92.57 81.00 72.00 61.71 54.00 46.29 85.50 78.92 13.29 64.13 57.00 48.86 42.75 36.64 63.00 58.15 54.00 47.25 42.00 36.00 31.50 27.00 USEFUL INFORMATION IN BRIEF Any Information On Any Kind Of Tandem Swallow Tandems (of course!) Join The Tandem Club! Well worth considering - You don't have to have a tandem to join! There are over 5000 members in Europe alone. Bi-Monthly Journal. Second hand tandem deals. Apply to: Lynda Fargher, Membership Secretary, 5 Sewards End, Wickford, Essex SS12 9PB, quoting the Swallow Tandem Catalogue Subscribe To Tandem Magazine! Support it! There is not another one like this in the world! Tandem Magazine, Petzold Publishing, Po Box 2939, Eugene, OR 97402-0337, USA. Great T Shirts and Water Bottles for Sale 4 Issues = $11.95 - 8 Issues = $23.90 Tandem Club Of America - An International Club for Tandem Enthusiasts. c/o Malcolm Boyd and Judy Allison, 35E Centennial Drive, Medford, NJO8055, USA. $25.00 = 6 Issues of Double Talk and Membership The Swallow Tandem Association - Run by Steve and Fiona Stuart, 51 Hill View Road, Oxford, OX2 ODA. Tel. 0865 242797. Is for Swallow Owners and the Friends Of. It focuses on Tandem Events throughout the year as well as tandem merchandise and an Association Newsletter Tandem Hotel Meets - The Swallow Tandem Association organises weekend events with comfort in mind, for those non Campers amongst you who are looking to treat yourselves for a couple of days. Well worth looking out for in the months of March and October. Contact Steve & Fiona Stuart on 0865 242797 or Swallow Tandems Swallow Tandem Challenge Events Every year there is a challenge event around Britain, including a steep hill to (Walk) ride up in the month of September. Swallow Tandems also organise plenty of other events or can put you in touch with the relevant contacts for other tandem events in the country The Tandemania Event has one main publicity aim - to get the general public to take note of tandeming One of the Ist organisations to reach out further from Cyclists and Tandemists and find those who want to know more. Market Research shows that there is no one promoting to those people who don't know how to go about finding out about Tandeming!! So let us take the lead. A complete Tandem Event including Racing, Routes, Family, Ladies, Men's and Mixed Time Trials, Hill Climb, Down Hill, Tandem Expo, Lectures and Maintenance Workshops Health And Fitness Have you ever thought of a Dietician, but never got round to it? Liz Allot BSc SRD, is an experienced tandemist (and has a famous cycling/writing brother). She will be able to understand your tandeming diet and fitness needs. Write her a letter and see what she can do for you. Apply to: 18 Bury Hill Close, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IPI Es Insure Your Tandem - A Hassle Free Approach With Chris and Ann Greening of Fern Insurance. They are Tandem Owners and can successfully insure your pride and joy! Why not ask for a quote, whether or not you have insurance already! We think you will find that they are very competitive and easy to deal with. The Tile House, Barrs Lane, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2JN. 0483 797068. Tandem Valuations - £2.50 Tandem Publications Das TANDEM. (only in German at the moment) by Karl Schubert at Moby Dick Verlag, Klaus Bartelt, Speckenbeker Weg 116, 24113 Kiel, Germany TANDEMANIA. (only in French at the moment) 115f International Bankers Order, from Philip Puis, TANDEM SCOOP, (English!) from Burley, 4080 Stewart Road, Eugene, OR 97402, USA £5.00 from Swallow Tandems. TWICER'S MUCH FUN, by Johnny Helms, available from the Tandem Club Support Tandem Express - Baby Lifeline Appeal Every year, doctors and nurses in Coventry do a relay tandem ride to Gibraltar and back. To raise money for this appeal, they have these great little gold tandem badges (as seen at Tandemania). They are £1.00 each and are available from Alison Adams on 0203 418282 or write to The Neil Adams Club, Kenpas Hall, Kenpas Highway, Coventry, CV3 6DH Friends Of The Earth - Ran By Swallow Owners! Join In Their Cycle Rides. More information from Clive and Angela Mitten, Friends of the Earth, 26 Marchmont Street, London, N1 7JQ. Tel. 071 490 1555 You Could Have Your Organic Vegetables Delivered By Tandem! If not the vegetables are great anyway! From Steve and Cher Holard of 13 Peddars Way, Overton, Morecambe. Tel. 0524 858237. Send us your used stamps! Not really in the line of tandeming, but, we are keen used stamp collectors who once a year send them off to a charity. You can just send them into us or we can supply you with a large SAE which you can post back to us when it is full BO Sa | SWALLOW CHALLENGE EVENT | We organise these events in various parts of the country on the first complete weekend in the month of September. T he locations shown below all involve a challenge of some sort and each year may or may not be easier. There are five tandem challenges held on a rotational basis and named as follows; e 1995 Long Mynd Meander (Shropshire's steepest hills) ° 1996 Penultimate Porlock (Devon's equal to the Lake Districts ‘Hard Knott’) e 1997 The Fun Ton (100 Mile or Kilometre ride - Suffolk) ° 1998 Le Cinq Cols (The five passes in the Lake District) : 1999 Tan Hill Bash (The highest public house in England) There is no entry fee to pay or a set time to complete. The idea is to ride with other tandemist's and have a go at the challenges set. Many tandem riders have completed all events and if you join us on one we are sure you will hear the tales they have to tell! It is a fun event in which you will find out that although it has been challenging, you will have made friends, done things that you didn't realise you could do and have a great time = C ontact us now if you wish to have an information sheet sent for this years challenge We hope that this catalogue has been of interest to you. If you like it then tell your friends and pass it on. If you don't like it then please tell us. Do not hesitate to get into contact with us for anything to do with Tandems and Tandeming. We have huge tandem/cycle databases filled with contacts like editors and manufacturers which you are welcome to enquire about. If you are having a holiday or expedition on tandem then don't forget to have a chat with a few editors who may want you to keep a diary and then write a report for their magazine. You can eam some money and get Tandems into the Cycle Mags Please send us your tandeming photographs. Lorraine is photograph mad and will appreciate a few entries for her albums and libraries. SWALLOW TANDEMS LLANGEDWYN MILL LLANGEDWYN OSWESTRY SHROPSHIRE SY10 9LD PHONE AND FAX 01691 780050 o.

Swallow Tandem (GB) Katalog 2000

Swallow Tandems
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