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Raleigh is the top value in cycles throughout the world. Strong, J IN | HE utterly dependable Raleigh, sheer fun Raleigh, sporty Raleigh and children’s Raleigh — See them all on this tour — The world style riders. Know that when you choose a Raleigh bicycle it is the machine for your purpose — designed for the job you need — built for a STYLERIDERS pote SAFETY LIGHT ROADSTER RIVIERA Gent's Model 11 Lady's Model 11L Gent's Model 90 Lady's Model 90L A lightweight version of the world famed Raleigh Roadster with 26” wheels * choice of 194”, Riviera is the high-specification sports tourist model that gives you ALL the extras for complete 21” or 23” frame sizes * powerful roller lever brakes * standard equipment includes durable cycling enjoyment leather saddle, pump and toolbag. 26” wheels * 193”, 21” or 23” frame * lightweight alloy caliper brakes * narrow section beige wall tyres for speed and grip * Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear * sweptwing chain-guard * super comfort mattress saddle * large kitbag and pump The Riviera is shown here in Electric Blue with attractive contrasting decoration The model is shown here in striking Flamboyant Green enamel with the optional extra of a fully-protective gearcase. EHH I || i ln uud SUPERBE SPORTS TOURIST (Above) Gent's Model 24 Lady's Model 24L This classic bicycle is equipped with everything for the discerning cyclist. Easy rolling 26” wheels * 21” or 23” frame fitted with 3-position safety lock * smooth action caliper brakes to both wheels x Sturmey-Archer combined 3-speed gear and lighting equipment including standby lighting pack * best leather saddle with chromium spring chassis * prop stand * gearcase * large capacity kitbag and pump. The Superbe is shown in Flamboyant Green enamel with chromium-plated fittings. Also available in an extensive range of other attractive colours. DOO O SPORTS LIGHT ROADSTER (Right) Gent's Model 22 Lady’s Model 22L A bicycle which combines strength with lightness, this model is quality-built for years of effortless cycling. 26” wheels * 193”, 21” or 23 ” frame * steel safety caliper brakes * fully sprung saddle * equipment includes pump, chainguard and large kitbag. Gent's model shown in Royal Blue and the Lady's À in Burgundy. Optional extras illustrated — Sturmey- Archer front hub light unit on Gent's. Sturmey- Archer front and rear hub brakes and gearcase with chromium disc on Lady's model. All 26” and 28” wheel adult bicycles are available in an extensive range of durable, brilliant gloss enamel colours. Your Raleigh Dealer will give you full details. BALLOON ROADSTER (Above) Gent's Model 9 Lady's Model 9L The wide section tyres on this model ensure a smooth and comfortable ride over rough and sandy road surfaces. Wheels 26” with extra wide 2” tyres * 22” or 24” frame * positive action rod operated braking system * 3 coil spring leather saddle * equipped with pump, chainguard and toolbag Illustrated here in Bright Red enamel finish with sparkling chromium features and tyre driven lighting set THOROUG When it comes to reliability, come to Raleigh. Every part and every fitting has been designed to provide Raleigh owners with absolutely trouble-free cycling for years ahead . . . and easier cycling too — with engineering quality that gives an effortless ride every time. OPTIONAL EXTRAS FOR ALL 26 AND 28 WHEEL MODELS CARRIER this combined prop stand and carrier is one of the large of carrier fitments available to order. GEARCASE for complete protection against all weather conditions and damage. SUPERBE ROADSTER (Right) Gent's Model 3 Lady's Model 3L The immensely strong luxury bicycle built for endless years of trouble free cycling. 28” wheels * 22” or 24” frame with built-in safety lock * centre pull roller lever brakes * Sturmey-Archer combined 3-speed gear and lighting equipment gearcase * best leather saddle* prop stand * large kitbag and pump. This Superbe model is shown in the unique “all chrome” finish or is available in the wide range of colour enamels. BREEDS Pina 3 i K ROADSTER J \ À Ì À . = Gent's Model1 Lady's Model 1L Recognised as the world's top quality bicycle — strong, PROPSTAND FORK LOCK BELL extremely durable and easy riding. 28” wheels * 22” or 24” frames * ‘sure-stop’ powerful centre pull brakes \ > this strong kick-down prop this unique ‘thief proof’ lock a ‘must’ for today’s busy “standard equipment includes 3 coil spring leather saddle, stand makes parking easy — gives complete security to traffic conditions. pump, toolbag and chainguard. anywhere. your bicycle. The Lady's model is shown in Sky Blue enamel. | Gent's model in Raleigh Green with the optional extra of a gearcase. DE LUXE ROADSTER A popular, specially equipped version of the Roadster model with Sturmey-Archer GH6 lighting set, full gearcase and an extra comfort, fully sprung saddle * equipment includes large holdall, kitbag, mudflap and pump. Illustrated in standard sparkling Black enamel DOUBLE TOP TUBE ROADSTER (8e/0w) Where extra strength is required to carry really heavy loads, the choice must be the Raleigh Double Top Tube Roadster model which has been specially designed for this purpose. Frame, wheel sizes and equipment are identical to the standard Roadster model 1 ENGINEERED 1000 Racing experience, plus all the facilities of a modern plant and years of production experience, enables our designers and skilled craftsmen to provide a range of outstanding sports models with the highest quality specifications. Seen here at the famous Silverstone racing circuit are the cycles from the Raleigh race stable, appealing not only to the track and road enthusiast, but to the riders who want the best for club riding and touring. COBRA A high performance sports cycle for the man who demands the best in up-to-the minute specifications. The Cobra sets a ard in finish with fully chromium plated frame and new stand oration in Acrylic-chrome extensive colour panelling and dec A really outstanding and unique colour scheme. 27” wheels, high pressure rims * 214”, 223” or 233” sports frame with wrap-over seatstays * Weinmann alloy brakes * Brooks B15 leather saddle * 5-speed derailleur gear. Illustrated here in Black and Blue Acrylic-chrome, the Cobra is also available in Black and Red Acrylic-chrome finish SPRITE The ‘Sprite’ is a super lightweight quality sports model which will instantly appeal to the younger rider or the enthusiast embarking on a racing career. Choice of frame sizes 214”, 223” or 233” * 27” high pressure wheels with amber-wall tyres * alloy handlebars and stem * high efficiency centre pull brakes * 5-speed derailleur gear * specially styled racing saddle The ‘Sprite’ has its own particular colour schemes - Flamboyant Green (as illustrated) or Flamboyant Red or Blue, all with contrasting head and seat tube panelling. RAPIER A superb sports machine with that extra sparkle of performance, for the man who wants to be out in front. 27” wheels, high pressure rims * 214”, 221” or 231” frame with wrap-over seatstays * centre pull alloy rakes with hooded levers * 5-speed derailleur gear loy handlebars and stem * Brooks leather saddle slour finishes available — Sunset Yellow (as shown) or ymboyant Burgundy, with contrasting decorative els on head and seat tubes ROYALE An excellent club machine with a high quality specification to delight the enthusiast 27” wheels * 214”, 223” or 233” sports frame with wrap-over seatstays * GB centre pull cable brakes x 5-speed derailleur gear * Brooks best leather saddle Very attractively finished in Flamboyant Royal Carmine with contrasting Bronze Green mudguards and chome plated fitments. eer ot en CEN COMPETITION Race proved throughout Europe, the ‘Competition’ is every inch a thoroughbred. Designed by racing experts and hand built by skilled craftsmen, this superb road-racing model has the most advanced specification in its class Wheels 27” alloy sprint rims * 214”, 225”, 233” or 243” racing frame with wrap-over seatstays * Weinmann centre pull brakes with hooded levers * Brooks Professional saddle * 10-speed derailleur gear * alloy fitments. Choice of two striking colour finishes, Bronze Green or Flamboyant Red (as illustrated) with chrome plated frame and fork ends, head lugs and fork crown. MODERN MINIS So many big advantages — small wheel bicycles are a fun revolution. They're easier to ride. Instant adjustability of handlebars and saddle mean they can be ‘tailored’ in seconds to fit any size of person. And because they have small wheels, they can take all you want to carry in vast holdalls and they come in a wide choice of exciting colours. RALEIGH RSW MK. III The elegant bicycle for modern people — of any age. The cycle to take you anywhere and everywhere RSW Mk. III — such a versatile machine. 16” wheels with easy rolling nylon cord tyres * finger- tip seat and handlebar adjustment to suit any rider * Sturmey-Archer combined 3-speed gear and hub brake * BE, ie TEN Dynohub lighting unit* completely equipped with chainguard, fully sprung saddle, prop stand, mud flap and large capacity detachable hold-all Choose from three new fashion colours — Flamboyant Sky Blue (as pictured here) Silver or Bronze Green Er ER RALEIGH TWENTY (e/ow) Styled for the ‘70's, the Twenty is the new shape in cycling. New style for comfort. New style for easier riding and greater safety. Unique design which readily adjusts to suit all sizes of men, women and children 20” wheels with whitewall tyres * instantly adjustable handlebars and saddle heights * smooth stopping from the powerful caliper brakes * Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear * soft mattress saddle * standard equipment ncludes prop stand, pump, chain-guard and a big apacity detachable holdall and carrier Pictured here in striking Bronze Green finish, it is also available in Flamenco Red RALEIGH FOLDING TWENTY (Aight) This version of the Twenty, which is built to the same high specification, incorporates a unique folding mechanism. In one simple operation, ‘Twenty’ is folded ready to be stowed in the boot of a car, on the garage wall or in any small corner of the home ‘Twenty’ goes everywhere — stows anywhere RSW 14 (Bottom Right) Whatever their age, every youngster will want this junior model of the Raleigh small-wheel range. Extra- easy to ride. 14” wheels * smooth action brakes on both wheels *big detachable holdall * chainguard* pump. Finished in gleaming Caribbean Blue (shown here) or Flamenco Red. Pr | |] PL [een HERE COME THE YOUNG ONES These are just the cycles to take them to and from school — and out in the country. Ruggedly built to last for years. Fitted with all the features that add up to safety: powerful brakes, sure-gripping tyres, and in a host of different sizes to suit children of all ages. Check your child’s leg measurement against the sizes shown. JUNIOR Boy's Model 56 Girl's Model 56L (Minimum inside leg measurement 26”/66 cm.) Boys and girls will love this attractively finished junior cycle. 24” wheels * 18” frame * powerful caliper brakes to both wheels * smart sweptwing chainguard * fully equipped with kitbag, spanner and pump and soft mattress saddle. Boy’s model (far left) shown in brilliant Royal Carmine enamel. JUNIOR Boy's Model 55 Girl’s Model 55L (Minimum inside leg measurement 26”/66 cm.) Another strongly built junior bjcycle with a specification similar to models 56/56L, but offering a steel roller lever braking system as an alternative to the cable operated caliper brakes. 24” wheels * 18” frame * fully equipped with comfortable duo-tone saddle, pump and chainguard. Flamboyant Sky Blue is the colour finish shown on the Boy's model (lower far left). JUNIOR Boy's Model 53 Girl's Model 53L (Minimum inside leg measurement 23°/58:5 cm.) A 24” wheel model, but with the smaller 16” frame, especially suitable for the younger rider. Boy's model with curved top tube, giving greater stability and ease of riding. Like all Raleigh junior bicycles, they are equipped with all essential accessories. (Near Left) TE EN ER ni o tae. ae adr al mun o AI dae fre JUNIOR Boy's Model 80 Girl's Model 80L (Minimum inside leg measurement 20”/51 cm.) A wonderful introduction to the world of cycling for any boy or girl 20” wheels * 14” frame (Boy’s with curved top tube) * caliper brakes * sprung mattress saddle * sweptwing chainguard * pump * toolbag JUNIOR Boy's Model 30 Girl’s Model 30L (Minimum inside leg measurement 22”/56 cm.) All the care and skill that goes into the Raleigh adult cycle is built into this “first” junior model. 20” wheels * 16” frame * strong, centre pull steel brakes * full equipment as on model 80. JUNIOR RIVIERA Boy’s Mode! 96 Girl’s Model 96L (Minimum inside leg measurement 26”/66 cm.) Incorporating the brilliant finish and construction of the famous adult ‘Riviera’ model, this is the highlight of the junior 24” wheel range. Frame size 18” * 24” whitewall tyres* Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear and twistgrip control Special flamboyant colour finishes available for the ‘Riviera’ — Electric Blue, Royal Carmine or Bronze Green JUNIOR Boy’s Model 54 Girl’ (Minimum inside leg An extremely po incorporating curv 24” wheels * 16” fram system. The comprehe JUNIOR Boy's Model 59 Girl's Model 59L (Minimum inside leg measurement 27”/68:5 cm.) The junior cycles with the adult looks and features. 26” wheels * 193” frame * safety, roller lever action brakes * two-tone sprung saddle * chainguard * kitbag and pump. JUNIOR Boy's Model 58 Girl's Model 58L (Minimum inside leg measurement 26°/66 cm.) Streamlined good looks, featuring the curved top tube on the boy’s model. 26” wheels * 18” frame * fast-acting caliper brakes * smart chainguard * fully sprung mattress saddle * equipped with kitbag, spanner and pump. hr Man vain rrd ete es JUNIOR Boy's Model 63 Girl's Model 63L (Minimum inside leg measurement 27”/68:5 cm.) A sleek tourist cycle for the older child, featuring the same built-in strength and elegance of the Raleigh adult models. 26” wheels * 193” frame * cable operated braking system * smart duo-tone saddle * chainguard * kitbag * pump. The comprehensive range of Raleigh Boy’s and Girl’s cycles shown on the preceeding pages is built with the same skill and care as goes into all Raleigh products. Choose, with confidence of years of happy and carefree cycling. All Raleigh junior models are available in the following colours:— Flamboyant Royal Carmine, Sparkling Sky Blue or Brilliant Black. meme} Fa When a boy’s out for all the fun of cycling — and then some — put one of these super-sporty Hi-risers under him. Handlebars rise high. Dragster type saddles let him slip way back racing style, as he powers through the gears on the T-bar console Hi-risers have many more exciting features that come straight out of motor sport. New from front to back, ‘Chopper’ is full of new features. Here are just tw units specially styled and engineered for the world’s most exciting bic 1. Bucket saddle in true racing track style 2. Sportshift 3-speed power console. CHOPPER acclaimed by youngsters everywhere as the world’s most exciting ‘fun’ bicycle, with the big plus features to give all the thrills of the race track... Dramatic patented wedge frame L-bucket dragster saddle with extra-large safety reflector Chromed ‘Roll-Bar’ saddle support Sure-stop caliper brakes Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear T-bar power console gear change Hi-Rise ‘wide-grip’ steering Chromed wide-section mudguards 16” x 2” front wheel with ribbed tyre 20” x 2.125” rear wheel with studded ‘trackway’ tyre Built-in prop stand * KOH KKK HH HH HK OH RODEO LIGHTWEIGHT HI-RISER (Lest) Built for the young generation and the young-at-heart for real fun and excitement. The Rodeo offers up-to-the minute features with hi-rise handlebars, super quilted polo saddle short sports mudguards and slick sportshift gear change. 20” wheels with whitewall tyres * 15” twin top tube cantilever frame * Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear * streamlined chrome chainguard * twin caliper brakes * prop stand FIREBALL MIDDLEWEIGHT HI-RISER Retaining all the magnificent features of the Rodeo, the Fireball is equipped with extra wide track blackwall tyres for fast starts and speed riding. Girl's models of the Rodeo and Fireball are also available Colour finishes — choose from Royal Carmine or Flamboyant Sky Blue — with contrasting decoration BROOKS SADDLES There can be no more important part of a bicycle tha the part you sit on. Whatever cycle you choose, there a Brooks saddle designed for you and your machine each one designed for a purpose with durability and your comfort in mind. Superb quality and superb craftsmanship go into the making of Brooks saddles Chosen by the cycling champions as the world’s finest saddle “A NAME TO TRADE ON I ia 4 by kal pa i — A LOW GRAVITY CARRIER EQUAL WHEEL CARRIER Model 42 Model 41 Make light work of heavy loads with this specially designed A conventional bicycle, but with specially strengthened frame delivery cycle. Small wheel enables maximum load to be for the delivery of goods with speed and ease carried without any extra steering effort 26” wheels with heavy duty tyres * 21” frame * powerful Front wheel 20”, rear wheel 26”* 21” specially strengthened rod operated brakes * basket carrier specially engineered as frame and fork * roller lever brakes * heavy duty wheel hubs * an integral part of the bicycle ensuring complete safety carrier — extra large capacity with kick-down stand for of travel complete stability * equipment includes plain black nameplate Fittings — fully sprung saddle, nameplate, pump and toolbag pump, reflector and toolbag 1. Both carrier models finished in Brilliant Black enamel 2. Baskets can be supplied if specially ordered LETS YOU SEI THE PAGE GEARS Sturmey-Archer gears give more cycling pleasure to millions of people Take hills in your stride, cruise effortlessly at higher speed — choose from 3-speed or 5-speed fully enclosed, weatherpoof gear hubs BRAKES Just as your bicycle is superbly engineered to GO — so the Sturmey- Archer Brake Hubs are engineered to STOP — smoothly and powerfully For front and rear wheels or comb with 3-speed gear hub for rear whe fitment. Coaster brakes too in single speed — 2-speed or 3-speed hubs LIGHTING Sturmey-Archer ‘Dynohub' lighting equipment ensures brilliant lighting with no risk of tyre-drive slip. Totally enclosed in a neat hub unit, and entirely frictionless. Complete with streamlined headlamp and rear light STURMEY-ARCHER FOR EASIER AND SAFER CYCLING That was Raleigh Country. There's one Raleigh Model to make your streets, highways, lanes, avenues or rough tracks more fun to ride on. Your Raleigh dealer will be pleased to help you choose. ROUND BRITAIN WITH NE en RALEIGH INDUSTRIES LTD NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND A COMPANY Raleigh Industries reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice XAD 0477 (Ed 1 ENG) Printed in England

Raleigh, TI Raleigh Ltd Katalog 1977

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