Strida Faltfahrrad Werbeblatt 1980er Jahre

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Tarzan De revolutionaire _S/RIDA vouwfiets is ontworpen door de Brit Mark Saunders die in 1985 voor het _S/RIDA-ontwerp de Giorgio Giurgiaro Design Award gekregen heeft. UW _SJRIDA DEALER: _S/RIDA, a more stylish life-cycle RIDA 5 YEAR GUARANTEE The STRIDA bicycle is guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects from the date of original sale for a period of:— 5 years on the Drive Belt 3 years on the Frame 2 years on all other components provided the bicycle has been properly cared for and maintained, and has not been fitted with parts other than those recommended by STRIDA or damaged by accident or misuse. Normal wear and tear is excluded. Under these terms STRIDA will bear the cost of replacement parts for 2 years from date of original sale, provided the claim has been processed by an approved STRIDA Retailer. This ee is offered to the original purchaser and is not transferable. In offering this guarantee STRIDA in no way seeks to diminish a consumer's statutory rights. This guarantee only applies to bicycles used under normal road riding conditions. No bicycle is indestructible. The frame has not been designed for off the road riding. Stunt riding or racing can also place undue stress upon the component parts of a bicycle and purchasers taking part in such activities do so at their own risk. es] R f, D Limited, Northway House, Northway, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2QY. NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION AGE (PLEASE TICK BOX) UNDER 180 18-250 25-400 400ROVERD PLACE OF PURCHASE SIGNATURE STRIDA 1985 DESIGNER GIORGO GUIGIARO reg: 000300

Strida Faltfahrrad Werbeblatt 1980er Jahre

1980 - 1989
Heinz Fingerhut
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